In a time when the world seems topsy-turvy do something great for yourself. The American Study Program of Oxford, at Oxford University, is the experience of a lifetime. The motto of Oxford is “The Lord is my light” and the “light” comes from the setting, the speakers from various religious backgrounds, the idea and thoughts discussed there, and the total atmosphere of the study. The site at Oxford, at St Edmund Hall, brings the past into the present. “Free time” offers plenty of time to explore the city, see plays, try local restaurants, take memorable photos and meet new friends. You can not afford to miss this!  

~ F.R.C., Georgia


Enlightening, informative, provoking, along with new insight!  We are reminded that God is continuing to create the heavens and earth.  The program is a great benefit to lay people who experience it along with clergy. Provides Christian Insight in the present day world (contemporary culture). Provided a new and enhanced appreciation of Poetry. We enjoyed the pleasure of being at Oxford, England. 

~ JCS, Georgia 


There are three reasons I strongly recommend The American Study Program to any lifelong learner. First, is a sense of place. Having traveled throughout much of England, from Cambridge to Canterbury, and from Bath to London, seeing Oxford for the first time was awe-inspiring. I am far from alone in that feeling. The poet John Keats called Oxford “the finest city in the world.”  Henry James, the American author and Anglophile, called Oxford “the finest thing in England.” Even the often mocking playwright, Oscar Wilde, called Oxford the most beautiful thing in England. Oxford has the largest collection of Gothic buildings in the world, the largest and best bookstore in England and is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The second reason is the excellence of the program itself, including thoughtful speakers who you come to know personally. Many programs over-saturate you with scheduling. The American Study Program has a perfect mix of interesting learning with ample free time to take in the nightly programs of music and the arts that Oxford is famous for. Finally, the third reason I recommend this program is the good people who organize it. Ladson Mills and his staff bring a genuine southern hospitality and charm that even this Connecticut Yankee delights in. The program is a “price performer” and completely unrivaled in delivering outstanding learning, a central location and even three superb meals a day. The American Study Program in Oxford is the best kept secret in continuing education abroad. Come and see

 ~ The Reverend Dr. William Veinot